Spring is the time of new beginnings and fresh starts…the flowers are blooming, life is coming back into the plants and the warm sunshine brings a whole new energy to people. This spring is also exciting at Wallbeds “n” More as we introduce 6 new murphy beds to our product line up!!

What our customers love about Wallbeds “n” More is that they can customize their murphy bed to suit their home. We offer the largest range of murphy beds in the USA; our murphy bed styles ranging from ornate and traditional, minimalist and modern to dual functioning, with bookshelves and desks. In addition to that, each bed is offered in a variety of finishes so that you can customize the final look.

Once you’ve chosen your wallbed style and finish, pick the cabinets (piers) that you would like to accompany it for additional storage space and usability. All of our murphy beds are of the highest quality and we guarantee the working mechanism so that you can rest easy knowing that you bought a murphy bed that will last.

Now let’s take a look at these new beds:

Dublin wallbed in cognac red, closedOur new Dublin style murphy bed features a chic country style look, with boards layered up the face of the bed. This style maintains simplicity while being more than just a plain wood face.

Fallbrook style wallbed, in gray closedThe Fallbrook wallbed is a simple variation of the Dublin, where it has a simpler face with the boards going straight across. As gray and weathered gray is a common design trend currently, you can see how amazing it would look in any home with it’s chic country style.

Hampton wallbed in white, closedThe Hampton is a special favorite because this is actually a Wallbeds “n” More exclusive design!! That’s right, this Shaker style wallbed is available only through our 17 store locations, or online through our website.The Shaker style is based on a style of going back to a more minimalist look while maintaining functionality and quality. This bed will work well in any home with it’s stylish design. It is available in Alder and Oak wood,

Mansfield murphy bed closedThe Mansfield murphy bed offers elegance and sophistication and looks amazing in this gorgeous finish.

Oxford style wallbed - shown closed
As you can see from the photo, this murphy bed has just the right styling that looks amazing in the Weathered Grey finish. This unique wallbed has elegance and sophistication, but can also fit into a more modern home as well.

Rochester wallbed closed
The Rochester wallbed functions as a wallbed was truly intended, secretly! When folded away, it looks like an armoire – you’re guests won’t even know that it is a bed. As with all our beds, it is very easy to open and close, and is weighted so that it is never too heavy to move.

We are excited to be able to expand our line to continue to offer the best hidden, space saving murphy beds for our customer’s needs. Find your closest showroom today to see them in person, or contact our corporate office.