If you are planning to have holiday guests or need to set up a space for your kids to sleep after they leave for college, you might be pondering whether to opt for a wallbed or for a sofa bed. Use this guide to settle the debate between these two pieces once and for all so you can be ready whenever guests show up at your door.
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Wallbeds Are Designed for Sleeping

A wallbed is a piece of furniture that has a bed built into it in a way that you can still take advantage of all of the space inside of a room. Whenever you do not need to use the bed, you can easily put it up into the wall and have more room for your custom home office, workout room, or all of your hiking and biking equipment. Wallbeds are easy to use and come with a comfortable mattress that would be found on any other kind of bed. Once your guests sleep on a wallbed, they will realize just how happy you are to have them staying with you.

Sofa Beds Are Designed for Sitting

Although sofa beds do offer some convenience, they are not usually the most comfortable option for a home. They are big and bulky, which make them difficult to move without the help of at least two other people. When the bed is folded up into the sofa, it might make it difficult to sit down and find a really comfortable position. It can also be tricky to open up the bed and put it back inside the sofa after your guests leave.

When it comes to wallbeds versus sofa beds, wallbeds have the advantage. Come to Wallbeds “n” Moretoday to see how comfortable, stylish, and convenient Murphy beds are, especially when they are compared to sofa beds. For more information on our showroom locations, check us out online or call (888) 856-1192.