Our products display the American Made Badge

When you buy a wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More, you are supporting American Companies. Wallbeds “n” More offers the largest selection of wallbeds, Murphy beds, and cabinets that are made in the United States. While we have stores in Arizona, Texas, and California, three of our factories are located in California.

Solid Relationships with our Murphy Wallbed Suppliers

We are very proud of our relationship with our Murphy wallbed suppliers and maintain close personal contact.  We believe that a strong relationship is based upon constant and consistent interaction.  In return, we are rewarded with a high-level of quality products that we proudly pass on to our consumers.

Strengthening the Local Economy

Our dedication to American growth and strengthening the economy is evident through the number of jobs that Wallbeds “n” More provides.  From manufacturing to sales, installation, managerial, and more, we employ many people in the areas our stores are located. This is an important part of the make-up of Wallbeds “n” More-keeping the American Dream alive and thriving.

Adhering to Stringent Standards

Our products must pass strict California and USA standards.  Knowing that Wallbeds “n” More must adhere to rigorous guidelines reassures us that we are passing on safe, effective, quality products to our customers.


Look for the badge on our products.  Our beds that have been manufactured in the USA all have this badge!

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