The beauty of a wall bed is its functionality. During the nighttime, it’s a comfortable bed that allows for peaceful slumber and a relaxing night’s sleep. But during the day, it’s often used as a desk, dresser, or cabinet. So, given the mixed functionality, which paint colors work best with a wall bed and its dual purpose?

Both green and blue paint colors are great wall color choices!

Keep in Mind the Purpose

A wall bed that is used as both a bed and a desk requires a paint color that allows for productivity as well as calmness to invoke a good night’s sleep. With that in mind, choose from these four colors:

Blue -lighter shades of blue, think sky and ocean rather than royal blue, invoke feeling of peace and calm.  Blue reduces heart rate and blood pressure and makes people feel cheery. At work, blue produces feelings of productivity and focus. It tends to keep people focused on the task at hand.

Green – Soft green hues are excellent choices for both a bedroom and an office. People who sleep in green bedrooms report feeling upbeat and positive. Green does not cause eye-fatigue and is great for those who put in long hours.  It creates feelings of efficiency and calmness.

Yellow – Known as a cheery color, yellow is a perfect slumber choice as it causes feelings of coziness as well as relaxation.  At the same time, it stimulates the nervous system and enhances feelings of optimism and creativity.

Gold – Known for its luxury and opulence, gold is a perfect color to promote feelings of happiness and wealth.  Both of these combinations make for a great paint color for a room with a wall bed that also substitutes as a desk.

Wall beds and Paint Colors Outside of a Work Office

Wall beds are a perfect solution for a small space that doubles as a living area or a guest room.  With that in mind, you have some more flexibility. Wall beds that are used as a dresser or a cabinet and not just a bedroom fit great with these paint colors:

Red-bold and energetic, bring life to a room you want to bring attention to.  Guests won’t mind waking up to a bright red that stimulates both their brain waves and their appetites!

Orange-Evokes feelings of warmth and enthusiasm.  It also aids digestion after a delicious home cooked meal!  Imagine falling asleep in a wall bed after a great meal in a room painted orange to aid in digestion!

Purple-creates a lot of stimulation and energy.  Since people who sleep in purple rooms do not get as much rest; this is a fantastic color for short-term sleepovers of those we’d rather not have as stay-over guests!

Choosing a Wall bed that is Just Right for You!

Making the perfect choice of paint color for your wall bed is a personal decision.  Stop by one of our store locations to pick the best wall bed that is just right for your situation!