When you think of a modern murphy bed with desk, you may think of a sleek, simply designed hidden wall bed that fits in your existing guest room and pulls down from the wall when visitors arrive. While that certainly is an excellent option, especially for people who already have an extra room to spare, putting a wall bed in a common room is an equally great choice that is not as often discussed. 


Check out all of the ways that refreshing your home with a modern murphy bed in a common area can be beneficial!


#1. Stay organized with easy storage within reach


At Wallbeds “n” More we offer many custom storage options such as wall beds with bookcases, wallbeds with cupboards and cabinets, hidden wallbeds with drawers, and murphy beds with wardrobes to increase closet space or conceal electronics.


Having these custom features in your murphy bed furniture unit in a living room, family room, or den can make it exceptionally convenient to grab things from cupboards or drawers and access your stored belongings easily. 


Multiple Uses


While you may not want to store clothing in a murphy bed armoire in the living room, it could be a great place to keep rain jackets and coats out of sight, hide DVDs, music records, or store other items. 


#2. Exceptionally convenient for overnight guests


Having a modern murphy bed with desk in a common area can be quite welcoming, bringing guests right into the center of your home.


It’s a wonderful choice to place your modern murphy bed in a den, nook, or other common area when the other rooms in your house are routinely used for other purposes, such as a home office. If you have a guest staying for the week, but you need to be on a 7 AM Zoom call for work in your office, then you probably don’t want your murphy bed in that room since your guest will be awakened early and have to vacate the space. 


By putting your modern wall bed in a common area, it allows for more flexibility of who uses that area any given time of day or night. 


#3. A wide variety of sizes to choose from


What size is a murphy bed? If you’re wondering what size a murphy bed is because you’re worried it won’t fit in your common area, you are in luck! At Wallbeds “n” More we offer modern hidden beds in twin size, XL twin, full, or queen, so that no matter how small or large your room is, your hidden wall bed will fit perfectly and make a bold design statement.


#4. Transform your common area into a more functional space


When folded up into the wall, a modern murphy bed with desk provides ample floor space for other activities, and when it folds down, it can transform your living area into a magical space with ambient lighting, outlets and ports for charging phones and tablets, and bookshelves holding collections of your favorite works of literature or other treasures. 


Enhance Your Style


We highly recommend enhancing the elegant style of your hidden wall bed by adding  shelving to display fragile or special artwork and collectibles. Display photographs, paintings, glass items, or other breakables behind glass doors for protection and spotlighting. 


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