Would you put a spare bed in your living room if you could? No, not a spare bed that is randomly taking up space but a decorative, movable chest that could be hidden in plain sight?

You may still be questioning this but what if you had a bed unit that didn’t look like a bed. If you don’t have a spare room as a guest room, the mobile bed might be the perfect guest bed for you! Many of our customers love the mobile bed because it folds away (reminiscent of a wallbed) to take up a minimum of real estate, while still looking gorgeous.

That’s why we are so excited to announce a second line of styles to our Mobile Beds, the Brookfield mobile beds.  The Brookfield mobile bed is available in white, light gray, carmel, chocolate & black.

The great thing about mobile beds is that they are portable (on wheels) so they can easily be stored in one area and moved to another room when you want to put it to use. A Queen-sized bed, our mobile beds fold away to just 64″ wide x 17” deep when closed. As you can below, that can easily be at the side of your living room or family room, or even as decor in a spare room.

Our mobile bed mattresses have been custom designed so that they ensure a comfortable, quality night’s sleep. We have customized our mattresses so that they can be folded in half, yet still lie flush and even when fully open, it is a 7″ memory foam mattress!

When unolded, the Brookfield mobile bed is a queen sized bed with seamlessly flat mattress.

Our Classic style of mobile beds is still available in white, dove gray, carmel and chocolate. If you are trying to decide between a wallbed or mobile bed, contact our showroom today to view them or learn more about which will suit you best!