Whether your wallbed is in an apartment, a guest bedroom, or a vacation home, there are certain materials that you cannot go without. Your wallbed will help you maximize your space, but it is your job to outfit it with the right supplies. Here are a few must-haves for your wallbed.

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Pillows are very important for a good night’s sleep. The difference between the right and wrong pillow can be headaches, stiffness, and back and neck soreness. It is important to use pillows that support the right parts of your neck and do not cause muscle strain; even if your wallbed is used in the guest room, your guests will thank you in the morning.

People tend to have different sensitivities to temperature, so lay your wallbed with sheets and blankets; if it is too hot, one can simply remove the blanket. Whether your wallbed is in your master bedroom or your guest room, always wash your sheets and blankets regularly to practice proper hygiene. You can even place an area rug next to the bed for extra comfort on colder mornings.

Office Supplies
When your wallbed is folded into its vertical position it opens up room for other activities. Many people choose to utilize their new space as a small office area. When your wallbed is installed in a guest room it is a good idea to keep the office area stocked with pens, pencils, paper, and other office supplies. This allows anyone who uses the room to plan out their day and have a clear space and supplies for any work that they might need to get done. This is also convenient for anyone who works from home; simply fold up the bed and get to work.

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