Add a Murphy wallbed to optimize space and number of guests.

Thanks to Airbnb, visitors looking for a price break or a new adventure can rent your room or home! The Airbnb approach has led millions of travelers to find comfort and a personal connection to your home instead of a stale and impersonal hotel room. With vacation season in full swing, now is the right time to consider adding a Murphy wallbed to your Airbnb.

Bring More of Everything to Your Airbnb with a Murphy Wallbed

Whether you’re renting out a single room or an entire home, a Murphy wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More is an efficient means to get more…more visitors, more space, and maybe even more from your investment.

Library wallbeds make great additions to your Airbnb.

Our supreme selection of Murphy wallbeds allows you to pick the style and design that is right for your home or bedroom. Our Library Murphy Wallbed can add a touch of class with a library to fill the minds of your travelers. Fill it with books or places to visit in your town and allow your visitors to whisk off to peaceful slumber with a bed and library/shelving combination. Or fill it with collectibles of the unique places you’ve stayed and create a whirlwind museum in your own home!

Create a Space for Every Traveler’s Needs

Wallbeds “n” More has an exclusive collection of beds to fit any design.  May we suggest you add a Mobile wallbed to your home furnishings?  This unique mobile bed adds a touch of style, sophistication, and functionality, as you can move it all around the room or the house.  In effect, you can create a new look and feel for every guest.  Repeat guests will come to like the new design and know that you will be able to adjust to their situation and number of accompanying visitors. Add a mobile wallbed to your Airbnb for more room!

Our Mobile wallbeds are available in Queen size for maximum comfort, require no frustrating installation, and are available to use right away.  Choose from our many designs to compliment your tastes.

Invest for the Future

As an Airbnb host, you not only want to attract the best visitors, but you also want to reap a return on your investment.  Our wallbeds are extremely affordable and offer a terrific value for the one-time visitor or repeat visitor. The more comfortable you make your Airbnb and the more visitors you can accommodate, the more money you can put into your pocket for your next Airbnb trip.  You can’t put a price on comfort or sleep!


Wallbeds are safe to use and can be locked in place when up. They have a spring or piston system so they open up gently to ensure there is no harm to your floors or your guests. When you have guests renting your home, feel secure in the knowledge that they will enjoy the benefits of a comfortable bed safely!

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We are happy to help you with your selection of wallbeds and want to ensure white glove delivery service, efficiency, affordability, and a great experience.  Take a look at our locations and come in to get the next bed for your Airbnb guests!