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Murphy Bed Options for More Storage in a Small Bedroom

If you’re looking to maximize space in a small bedroom, whether it’s in an apartment or townhome, or if it’s that extra bedroom in your house, you’ve probably heard about Murphy Beds. They are fabulous space saving beds for smaller spaces as they fold away by day. What you may not realize is that there a unlimited options for creating addition storage.

A lot of people do store items under their bed, because the floor space is already being used so they might as well be maximizing the space. Since the Murphy Bed folds up by day, that is usable space as a kids play room, a craft area, a workout space and even a work space by day!

To ensure additional storage is available, make sure you choose the best matched cabinets for your bedroom.

Extra Storage for Books

Murphy Bed Library CloseFor the Bookworm in your life, the Library wallbed is the perfect bed!! It is a full bookcase by day and usable by night as well. Who wouldn’t love a wall of books in their room (at least a bookworm would!)

Extra Storage for Work/Home Office

If you are looking for the perfect home office, choose a cabinet with desk function. This can be either a side desk, or else a full wrap around desk that expands the reach of your room, as well as additional storage space.

Murphy Bed Roma ClosedMurphy Bed Neo Classic Desk Closed

Standard Cabinet Options

Each bed comes with a variety of cabinet options including shelving, cupboards, wardrobe doors, filing cabinet space and more. Contact your local Murphy Bed showroom to learn more about how Murphy Beds can add extra storage to your small bedroom!

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