Your guest bedroom is more than a convenient space where friends and family can stay when they are in town overnight. A guest bedroom is where your guests will go to have their own space to unwind and relax between exploring and hanging out with you. They deserve a restful, peaceful stay.

Our guest bedroom ideas, inspired by minimalist interior design, will give your guests a relaxing overnight stay!

Stick to the Guest Bedroom Basics

SImple guest room decorations

When it comes to guest bedrooms, it’s important to keep your furniture and decoration choices simple. You might have an attachment to a specific painting or decorations, but your guests will feel more at-ease if the walls and surfaces are not cluttered so that they can put their clothes and travel gear down too. A good tip is to keep one major piece of furniture or decoration per wall.

Also, center the guest room’s focus on the bed. A comfortable bed is what your guests want most!

Looking for a great guest bed? Our folding beds are the perfect idea for your ocasional guest bedroom.

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash


Invest in High Quality Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose workout room and guest roomMultipurpose furniture will give both you and your overnight guests more control over how the space is used. Do you want to use your guest bedroom as a home gym or home office when guests are not in town? From a multipurpose folding desk & bed, which can be stowed away to offer more space when it is not in use, to or even a multipurpose folding table & bed, the right furniture can offer new options for how you use your space.


Smart Storage Solutions

It’s easy to let a guest bedroom turn into storage space. Your guest room can seem like the perfect place for anything from off-season clothes to holiday decorations. However, when you have a guest in town, they should not have to maneuver around boxes and bins!

If we’re being realistic, you will likely have some items in storage in your guest bedroom. The trick is to use clever storage organization to make your things easy to move and to hide! Consider using furniture that has storage capacity for smaller items. For larger items, utilize closet space and stay organized with the right sized storage bins.

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Make Your Guest Bedroom Feel Like a Getaway

Think about what appeals to you in a temporary bedroom. Hotels and bed & breakfasts, for instance, offer an array of amenities that make guests feel welcome. What make you feel welcome? How would you respond to your own guest bedroom?

Taking a cue from the professionals, stick to simple additions that make a big difference in how you see the room. A small basket of toiletries, for instance, can show guests that you’re being a thoughtful host. A desk or small workspace will give them the option of using your guest bedroom for more than just sleeping!

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