Creating storage space in small areas is a difficult feat. There are many ways that a wallbed can help accomplish this, however. With so many solutions for this storage conundrum, and so many customization options available, many homeowners are opting to invest in wallbeds. Whether you already have a wallbed in your home, or you are looking to get one, keep reading to learn how you can start making the most of your wallbed storage space now! 

Wallbed Additions

Before we go into specifics about how to better utilize your wallbed’s storage space, we should first address that there are a couple of different options for wallbed additions. The two additions that are generally most beneficial in adding storage solutions are cabinets and shelves. 


Cabinets are available for each wallbed in a variety of styles. You can choose cabinets that are permanently open, which provides additional shelving units on either side (or both sides) of your wallbed. You can also choose to have cabinets that are equipped with doors, so the storage inside can be neatly tucked away or hidden from view. There are drawer options and wardrobe options as well as slide-out trays and nightstands. Cabinets are an extremely efficient way to add extra storage space to your room. 


If you do not necessarily want cabinets alongside your wallbed, but still want to utilize open shelves, the library wallbed may be the ideal solution. When the bed is in the upright solution, this bed simply looks like a bookcase. Utilizing as much vertical room as possible, this option provides ample storage space. This wallbed is optimized for convenience. Where moving a standard bookcase out of the way might be a difficult task, these library-like units open and close very easily, making bed time a breeze without sacrificing storage space. 

Storage Solutions

Now that we have taken a look at the two most storage-friendly wallbed options, we can dive into how you can make the most out of the space they provide. 


For smaller knick knacks and oddities, you may not need as much space as the full-size shelves provide. Dividers or mini shelves that fit into the shelves in your wallbed cabinetry can help break up this space and allow you to fit more of these tiny trinkets in the area. 

Drawer Organizers

If you opt for a wallbed cabinet that comes equipped with drawers, you may find an organizer to be beneficial. Making the most of your storage space entails keeping items in their spots, which makes room for more belongings to fit in one area. 


If you have smaller pictures or decorations that can be hung, consider installing hooks on your shelves or cabinets. This can elevate the aesthetic as well as free up some extra storage space for other items. 

Pegboard or Corkboard

Another great way to hang items in or on your shelves and cabinets is by installing pegboard or corkboard. This allows you to keep papers and notes more organized and out of the way, and utilizes vertical space within your storage units. 


Sometimes keeping items contained becomes difficult on an open shelving system. Getting baskets to house these items makes utilizing your storage space much easier, and it can be a fun way to customize the appearance of your wallbed cabinets as well! 

As you can see, there are many ways to go about making the most of your wallbed storage space. How will you transform your home with a wallbed today? Check out your nearest Wallbeds “n” More location to learn more