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From annual family holiday guests to the occasional unexpected drop-in, nearly everyone will find themselves in the situation of needing to offer overnight accommodations at least once in their lives. If you are fortunate enough to have a room that can serve as a guest room in a pinch, or even a dedicated guest room, why not make it as comfortable and inviting as possible? Here’s how.

Keep it Bright, Fresh, and Airy
Overnight guests will have a hard time feeling at home if it feels like they’re sleeping in your catch-all room or storage closet. A coat or two of bright, happy paint can transform any room, as can simply keeping it neat and organized. Try not to cram too much stuff into one space—let the room breathe and your guests will breathe easier, too.

Make it Both Functional and Welcoming
Guests understand that you need to use their sleeping space every other day of the year, but it shouldn’t feel that way. You can make your home office serve as a guest room simply by installing a desk wallbed. Keep a nice, colorful bedding set to use when the bed is down, and don’t worry about it otherwise. A few wall-hangings or interesting antique finds go well in both a bedroom and a home office, so they’re great ways to create a cohesive atmosphere that doesn’t make holiday guests feel like they’re putting you out.

Add a Bit of Texture
Few things are more uninviting than a cold, bland, sterile room. Set out a vase of fresh or artificial flowers. Keep a swag or wreath on the wall. Use jute, burlap, or twine to create an interesting wall hanging or even a headboard. Use your imagination to put some depth into the room and it will feel much warmer and comfortable for your guests.

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