You may think that choosing a wallbed for your master bedroom is unconventional, however, the combination of functionality and comfort is unmatched by any other options. There are many benefits that can be reaped through updating your sleeping arrangements to a wallbed. If you are looking to take the next step with your bedroom decor, or if you are downsizing and need to find a way to make the most of your space, or even if you have picked up a new hobby and need more room to accommodate it, you may find that your master bedroom can benefit from a wallbed. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable reasons that homeowners are choosing wallbeds for their master bedrooms. 

Multiple Home Offices

Many businesses have permanently adjusted to remote work arrangements, meaning that many individuals and families have had to make proper adjustments in their homes. While a guest bedroom or extra spare room is often converted to be an office, sometimes this is not an option. When there are no more spare rooms to transform into offices, or if there are multiple people in the same household that are working from home and the extra room has already been claimed as an office by one, the master bedroom can serve as that space you need. 

With wallbeds that serve a dual purpose as a desk, you can create the office space of your dreams in your master bedroom. There are many different options when it comes to wallbeds with desks, so you have the ability to ensure that it matches your decoration style and accommodates all of your office space needs. Whether you only occasionally need a small desk to work at, or you require a larger one with plenty of room for your laptop and more, we have multiple solutions for you. 

Dedicated Hobby Zones

When you have a home with many occupants, or you have a smaller residence, finding the space to dedicate to your hobbies can be difficult. Housing your hobby supplies in common areas can lead to clutter, missing items, and minimal peace and quiet when you go to enjoy your free time. By upgrading to a wallbed in your master bedroom, you can create a space that you can dedicate to whatever it is you love to do. Whether it’s a wallbed with a table, shelves, or cabinets, hobbies become an enjoyable pastime again. 

Additional Storage Space

Another benefit of utilizing a wallbed in your master bedroom is the additional storage space it provides. This is especially beneficial if you have a smaller home, have many individuals living under one roof, or simply have a lot of belongings. You can stay better organized and optimize your storage space with a wallbed. Add a wardrobe with cabinetry, store your library of books on a wallbed with shelves, and much more is possible! 

Relaxation Space

Many people only spend time in their master bedroom at night, when they are sleeping. However, with a wallbed, you can create a relaxation space that you can utilize throughout the entire day. Design a reading nook with library shelves where you can enjoy a novel with your morning cup of coffee. Develop a sitting area where you and your loved one can spend time with each other away from the chaos of common areas. Whatever you envision as a relaxation space, you can create with a wallbed in your master bedroom. 

Quality & Comfort

Unlike other stowaway beds that may give you some of the same benefits listed above, wallbeds do all of this without sacrificing any quality or comfort. These beds are made with the highest quality materials so they will last for years to come. They use comfortable, luxurious mattresses that offer tremendous support and pleasant sleep. You should not have to choose between comfort and convenience, and wallbeds do not require you to! 

If you are ready to take your master bedroom to the next level with a wallbed, check out a Wallbeds “n” More location near you! Our team will assist you with figuring out the perfect wallbed for your wants and needs. We look forward to making the master bedroom of your dreams!