What do you need to consider when choosing a wallbed for your home? Not only is the use important, you also want to take into account the layout of your room and how you want to use the space in your room. This is especially true for a sewing room or office where you will be spending long hours at work on your projects.

Our recommended pick is the Desk Wallbed as it serves mutiple uses, being a handy desk area by day that folds away (and stays level!) for guest use.

Desk Wallbed (hiddenbed) open and closed
Horizontal Desk Wallbed

Room Layout

First off, let’s look at your room plan. Do you know which wall you want to install your desk murphy bed on? One way to take this into account is where are the windows in this room, where is the door and what do you want to see when you first enter? Do you want your back to the door? Or do you want to be working against the wall so that your side faces the door? Do you want to see your wallbed from the doorway or more to the side? Sometimes your room layout only allows for one setup and other times it is something that you have flexibility with.

Wallbed Usage

Do you want extra desk space for your desk wallbed? If so, you will want to consider the horizontal desk wallbed as it’s longer wall length creates a longer desk area. It also has a shorter footprint into the room because the main length is across the back wall, something to consider as you arrange your room. The 19” desk clearance ensures that most computers or sewing machines can stay in place when you bring the bed down.

View of underneath desk wallbed (hiddenbed) when open
19″ clearance when the Desk Wallbed is closed.

One thing to know is that because of the desk clearance, the bed itself will sit higher. This can bed considered a more luxurious experience as they climb into bed (it adds to your guest’s experience).

The Desk Wallbed is a personal favorite of our staff and is a hit with male customers when their wives bring them in to the store. Check it in action today at a showroom near you.