I know what you’re thinking, how can a wallbed move with me when it is attached to the wall? Surprisingly, it has a relatively small impact on the wall (just patch it up and paint it) and is a piece of furniture that you can move between homes!

In larger cities, (and urban areas) like San Francisco, Seattle or Dallas, where space is at a premium, townhouses and apartments are common. This also applies to renters though – if you are renting and are afraid to invest in a murphy bed because you won’t be able to move it, then have no fears!

White Glove Delivery Service of Your Murphy Bed

Wallbeds “n” More differs from online wallbed / murphy bed retailers in that we offer a White Glove delivery service that includes delivering the wallbed to your house, taking it inside to the correct room and setting it up for you. Yes, this includes going through doorways and up stair cases. (Ask our guys in San Francisco about their stories!!) One customer spent 10 hours struggling to setup a wallbed they bought from a cheap online store before returning to Wallbeds “n” More where they were thrilled to purchase a quality wallbed with white glove delivery service.

Moving Your Murphy Bed to A Different Home

Many of our clients keep their wallbeds for life…meaning they move with them as well. We often receive calls with requests to dismantle and move their murphy bed. Sometimes this is a dismantle and then installation at their new home, and sometimes they just need us to pull down the wallbed and they manage the installation. What this means is that we are flexible – we can work with you to help make moving your murphy bed as efficient as possible.

Lastly, some clients just ask for instructions to move their murphy bed themselves. They are easy enough to set up and pull down that DIYers can manage their own bed if they want.

If the thought of moving your murphy bed in the future scared you, just know that many others do it too. Your wallbed is well worth the investment and can travel with you to each new house/apartment/townhouse you make a home!

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