The most effective way to share how a wallbed could be perfect for your home is through the stories of our past customers. Below are just some highlights of how our customers have used a Wallbed in their home.


Maximize Space in a Small Three Bedroom House

“My wife and I are expecting twin girls this October. As we live in a small, three bedroom house, we were looking for ways to maximize our limited space. Exploring all options, we checked out Wallbeds N More on a Friday afternoon.  Debbie greeted us at the door and walked us through the showroom. It was our first time looking at wallbeds and we found one that will allow our extra guest room to be a playroom/craft room and then convert to a bedroom when my parents visit from out of town.  We even went from a full size bed to a queen-size wall bed!  We can’t wait to have it delivered and installed before the twins arrival.”

Nathaniel, Walnut Creek


Save Space Working from Home

“I am unbelievably happy with my wallbed! Janice helped me find one in my price range, and while it is still a lot of money to spend on a bed, it has truly CHANGED my life. 

I work in my studio/bedroom all day and depend on keeping my workspace centered and clear. Without a bed taking up the room, it’s amazing how much work I can do with such improved concentration”

Nomi, Santa Monica


The Perfect Bed for A Tiny Studio Apartment & Her Budget

“A HUGE THANK YOU SHOUT OUT goes to Ms. Janice McCormick!!  At the beginning of the summer my parents and I made an appointment to meet w/ Janice to see what choices I had in a wall-bed for my tiny studio apartment within my budget.  Janice was very patient and didn’t pressure me in any way whatsoever.  It was quite a joy to have her as my sales person.  I received my twin unfinished pine wall bed on Monday 8.31.15 and I had just placed my order a week prior!  

The 2 gentleman that came to install my bed and carry it up 17 steps were extremely happy & professional.  They took their time and made sure my bed was installed properly and they even went an extra step to place a few wooden slats under my very lightweight foam mattress to keep my bed from lifting off the floor.  They instructed me how to lift and lower my bed properly and also told me to place little felt pads in a few necessary places so my new floor could be protected.  AND I also asked if something were to happen to my apartment to where I had to move out and needed to have them uninstall my bed they said they could do that and just to call Janice to set it up.

All in All my experience with Janice and the guys deserves a billion stars!!! ”

Lv, West Los Angeles

A Home with 2 Wallbeds – for a Student & for Guests

“We purchased the hidden desk bed in Oak and the Barrington queen sized bed in Birch. We are very pleased with our purchase. Wall Beds n More were easy to work with. Wall Beds n More were gracious enough to hold the beds for us for many months until we were ready for installation at our new house.

The installation team arrived on time and accomplished the task efficiently. I am writing this review after using the beds and desk for more than a month. My parents, who were visiting, found the queen wall bed very easy to operate and were amazed at the quality of the frame and the piston.

My daughter enjoys working on her very large desk and is able to convert it into a bed all by herself. We have received many wonderful comments about the wall beds and have recommended the store to many.”

Aparna, Sunnyvale


A Small Apartment in the City

“There are few things in life that have given me as much continual joy, comfort, pleasure and satisfaction as my Barrington wall bed that I got from Wallbeds n More in San Mateo.  I know that sounds funny, but it is true.  The product is just fantastic, absolutely fantastic!  And I’m reminded of how great and efficient it is everyday when I put it away, and every night when I pull it down.  

I got the bed because I was living in a small space and didn’t want the bed to take over the room. I can say it has exceeded ALL my expectations.  Being able to get my full size, extra long bed out of the way is beyond convenient, and it gives me two spaces in one.  The drop table feature is great for dinner, taxes, sewing or art projects.  Cards anyone?  And then it all disappears!  Until you’re ready for bed!  TRULY ingenious and a must have for any city dweller living in a studio apartment or small one bedroom.”

Christopher, San Francisco


Creating an Extra Bedroom in the House

“I wanted to turn an exercise home gym room into bedroom without losing gym space. I ordered library wall bed & we got the premium back support mattress. It was so easy to open the library shelves and even easier to the lower bed – almost effortless. Guests were so surprised it opened to a bed! Last time they slept on air mattress. Traveling from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand rested, sleeping very well.”

Lei, Brentwood