Claiming that a murphy bed desk combo can change your life may seem like a big declaration, but it really isn’t an overstatement when you see the myriad of ways a wall bed can transform your day to day. At Wallbeds n’ More we specialize in not only designing beautiful furniture, but doing so in a way that enhances functionality and gives dual purpose to the space in your home. 


A Murphy Bed Desk Combo Simplifies Working from Home

As more and more people have transitioned to full-time or part-time work from home situations, it has become even more imperative to have a quiet, peaceful dedicated spot in one’s house or apartment to accomplish work tasks.


A murphy bed desk combo is the perfect piece of furniture to help you achieve an at-home office while not requiring that you give up other space in your house such as the living room, home gym, or guest room. Your guest room for example, can now double as a home office, saving your space and making the most of your existing square footage. We recommend the following additions to create the ideal work-from-home space: 


  • Choose your wall bed with the type of desk that suits you best. Take a look at the differences in our straight desks and shaped desks outlined on this page about modern murphy beds with desks
  • Add drawers and cabinets to your murphy bed desk combo for storage
  • Select cabinet styles (wood stain, hardware, etc.) that can feature as a professional looking video background when the bed is hidden


Create a Private, Quiet Study Space


If you’re a student looking for a place in your home free from distractions caused by the hustle and bustle of the household, a murphy bed desk combination is the perfect choice for you as well. While we do have wallbed models with desks already included, there are other models where you can choose to add a desk as an L-shaped addition, including the Rochester and the Oxford


When selecting the customizations for your home study area we suggest that you:


  • Select a hidden bed with bookshelf piers added so that you can keep all of your books and supplies easily organized. 
  • Choose custom ambient lighting and spotlighting to provide needed light for studying, but also to offer softer lighting for when it’s time to relax. 
  • Choose a murphy bed desk combo with solid door cabinets to hide unsightly items such as cords, wifi routers and printers. This will add to the spacious feel of the room and will put your mind at ease.


Murphy Beds with Desks are Perfect for Welcoming Visitors on the Go


When visitors come to stay for the holidays or are just passing through on their travels, it is nothing short of a game changer to be able to provide them their own, private space with a murphy bed desk unit. 


Not only will they find a relaxing and quiet place to rest on their journey, but if they have to take care of business while traveling, you are able to provide for them all the amenities of a home office in the same room they get a great night’s sleep.


Plan a Visit to the Wallbeds “n” More Showroom Nearest You!


At Wallbeds n’ More we have a variety of murphy bed desk combinations for you to choose from, and each one of our showrooms locations is happy to host you in person so that you can see our furniture up close and personal. 


Find the Wallbeds n’ More showroom nearest you to see the unique styles that each location offers. We can’t wait to see how adding a murphy bed with desk combo changes your life for the better!