Get ready for New Year's guestsThe New Year is creeping upon us, and it’s time to finish off the touches to make your New Year’s guests feel at home!

Whether you have one of our many Murphy wallbeds or our mobile beds, you can rest assured that your guests will slumber in comfort.

Consider some of these other ideas to make your guests feel as if they never left their home when they are enjoying their visit with you.

New Bedding for Your Murphy Wallbed

As the winter months produce chilly nights, it’s a nice touch to add some warmer sheets to your Murphy wallbed or mobile bed. Designed with style and comfort, fluffy winter sheets add an “at home touch” that can make the difference between a homecoming and a visit.

Spruce Up the Guest Room with Some Personal Touches

Make guests feel at home with some personalized accessoriesAdding a personal touch such as a picture that brings back memories, some favorite flowers, a scented candle or bubble bath, or even a picture frame to capture memories of the visit can make guests feel welcome. An added touch that distinguishes your home from another place to stay can mean the most to a visiting guest or family member.

Need some design ideas? Consider reading our blog for some tips and inspiration.

Placement of Your Murphy Wallbed or Mobile Bed

If you feel the need to make some changes, you may want to consider moving your Murphy wallbed or mobile bed. If you have a fantastic view or want to move the bed away from a cool draft or noisy doorway, you may want to consider altering the placement of your beds. For ideas on placement of your Murphy beds, read our blog.

Engage in a Quick Room Make-Over

A room make-over doesn’t have to involve a lot of time or money.  Invest in some colorful wall decorations, brighten the room with some new light fixtures, add visual space with a well-placed mirror, or splash a new coat of paint on the wall.

A new, fresh look will not only brighten the visit for family members and guests, but will give you something new to look at every day.

Stumped about which colors to paint the wall?  Refer to our blog.

Make the Most of the New Year with Your Guests

Enjoy friends and family during the holiday season!Wallbeds “n” More wishes you and your family and friends a memorable holiday season.  We wish you a well-rested visit with plenty of laughter and creative and inspirational ideas!

If you would like more information on how a Murphy Bed or mobile wallbed can make your visit better, visit our website.