Hidden wall beds provide an unmatched amount of instant space in your home. This type of furniture is great for guest rooms and daily use as your own bed as well! There are so many health benefits of having clear, open space in your home that you may not have even thought of, and at Wallbeds “n” More we can help you create space and keep organized with built-in storage solutions for either a twin, full, or queen wall bed to keep things tidy and your mind and body healthier for it. 


Follow our simple tips for inspiration and learn how a clutter-free space can help both your mental and physical health. If you have ever seen home decor websites, magazines, and blogs and been jealous of those tidy floors and empty shelf spaces, it might be time to do a deep cleaning and get rid of items you don’t need. While minimalism may seem impractical, a lot of research suggests that cutting down on unnecessary items can have an incredible impact on your well-being.


Clutter Around the House Makes it Difficult to Focus


If you find yourself frequently distracted and having a hard time focusing on one task at a time, it can actually be a result of too much clutter in your environment. If there are a number of items on your desk or too many things piling up on your bedroom floor, processing information, getting frustrated, and feeling unfocused can be a problem. 


Taking just a few minutes a day to stop and organize your work space, living room, and bedroom can save you time and frustration by allowing you to work more efficiently and with less stress. 


Helpful Action Step: Pick up any random items off of your bedroom floor every evening. Keep both your physical and computer desktop clean and organized at the end of the day.


Disorganization Leads to Stress


In a recent study published by the Mayo Clinic, cluttered environments tended to have the power to make people feel more anxious and stressed out. Higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol were shown in women who gave tours of their homes and tended to use more words that described disorganization. If women described their homes as being more tranquil, restful, and relaxing, they were proven to not only be less stressed, but they had greater overall levels of happiness. 


Helpful Action Step: Keep a basket by the front door and by the entrance to the bedroom to store any extra items instead of tossing them on the floor or around the house. Also, set aside 10 to 20 minutes at the end of the day for the entire family to each put a few stray items away.


Minimalism Leads to Greater Wellbeing


Even though it seems like having more things would lead to greater happiness and a more varied choice of activities to enjoy, this isn’t actually the case. While advertising and culture tells us that more physical possessions equal more happiness, it actually typically means more stress and less satisfaction overall. 


In another experiment published by the Mayo Clinic, if toddlers were given four toys to play with, they played twice as long as when they had 16 different toys to choose from. People can develop longer attention spans during free play which also leads to greater satisfaction in life and better overall focus. 


Helpful Action Step: Trade in toys on the shelf for ones that have been put in a closet and forgotten about for a while. This can work with both pets and children. If they are not missed when gone for months, you can either sell them or donate the ones you don’t need. 


You can also use the same technique with clothes in your own closet. Turn your hangers facing away from the closet pole, and if they haven’t been turned around in a year, it means you haven’t worn that outfit. Unless it’s something special for a holiday tradition or unique event, it’s probably time to part with it.


What is a Murphy Bed and How Can It Help? 


If you’re wondering what is a murphy bed, and how can it help with organization, we can offer insight. At Wallbeds “n” More we specialize in creating custom-built murphy beds which are regular size beds that pull down from the wall to reveal open floor space and eliminate clutter. 


We have everything from a twin wall bed to a queen wall bed, and each can come equipped with built-in storage solutions to maximize tidiness and low levels of stress. Customizations here at Wallbeds “n” More include organizational features such as bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, and even wardrobes to add extra closet space to the room. 


Our friendly and knowledgeable team members can help you to declutter your home and simultaneously boost your mental and physical health by helping you choose a wall bed that works for you.


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