Wall Bed for Guest Room

Living in a small home or townhouse can give you just enough space to host your friends or family when they are in town, but not enough to comfortably maintain a full-time guest room. You want to give your guests a better night’s rest than a sofa bed or a couch without giving up a substantial amount of space the rest of the time.

We know it’s a tough balance! Here are some ideas about why wall beds are the perfect solution for a small townhouse’s multipurpose guest room:

Save Space in Your Townhouse Guest Room

Our wall bed models will all save significant space in your townhouse’s guest room, letting you use it for multiple purposes year-round. Wall beds, otherwise known as Murphy Beds, fold up against a wall when they are not in use. They give you space to use your guest room for anything you want! Maybe you want a small workout or yoga room, or you want to use your guest room as a home office—a wall bed is perfect for your multi purpose room.

Wall bed for townhouse

Wall Beds Look Great in Your Home

Wall beds come in a wide variety of looks and finished that will fit with your interior design style. We have painted and wood finished wall beds, and also offer a “U Do It” model, which comes unfinished so that you can paint it with the exact color and style you want! In addition to finish style, we also have a variety of designs from classic, elegant wall beds to more minimalist, modern designs. Take a look at our wall beds!

A Variety of Wall Bed Models

Depending on how you want to use the guest room in your small home or townhouse, you will want the perfect wall bed model for your purpose. If you are going to use your guest room as a home office, we have great desk bed models. When stowed, the wall bed serves as a sturdy, elegant desk. If you are going to use the guest room for storage or as reading room, consider our library murphy wall bed. It has convenient storage shelves that can be used for books or any combination of items.

Comfortable Mattresses in our Wall Beds

Not all wall beds are created equal. If your goal is to provide your guests with a better night’s rest than a sofa bed, don’t buy just any foldable bed or wall bed. Our selection of mattresses for your wall bed will provide enough comfort for a deep, restful sleep.

Are you ready to learn more about how wall beds are perfect for your townhouse? Browse our wall bed selection!