Whether you work from home full-time, part of the time, or simply want room to work on your own projects, a home office can give you the space you need to be productive. If you have a guest bedroom that is only used when your friends or family are in town, you can easily have the same room serve as a home office!

Use a Convertible Guest Bed

Murphy bed wall beds

A guest bed takes up the largest amount of space in a guest bedroom. If you have a stationary bed, it will be very difficult to use the room as a home office. The ideal guest bed can easily be stowed and set up, so that you save as much space as possible! We have two guest bed solutions for that problem…

Wall beds: A wall bed, sometimes called a Murphy bed, is a fantastic guest bedroom idea. They come in a variety of size, style, and mattress options, giving you control how they look in your home office. When stowed away, wall beds fold up against the wall with their low-profile design.

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Mobile beds: Mobile beds are an alternate style of folding guest bed. When you have guests in town, they easily fold out into a comfortable guest bed. When you want to use your home office, they look like an elegant, finished cabinet or chest!

Keep Your Home Office Tech Organized

Organization in a guest bedroom isn’t just for the guests; it’s also so you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning up before your guests arrive! Avoid cable tangles and unnecessary clutter by keeping your home office simple and tidy.

Organize any of the personal papers or electronics you use when the room is serving as your home office. Remember: anything left in the room when your guest arrive should not give the impression that it is off-limits. For instance, if you use a desktop computer, make sure there is a guest account that your friends of family can use.

Don’t Forget: It’s Still a Guest Bedroom

Guest bed and desk bedDesk Bed for guest bedrooms

One easy mistake to make is to design your guest room around being primarily a home office, and lose sight of what makes a great guest bedroom. For instance, it’s not usually a great idea to have a TV in your home office, but your guests would likely appreciate having one available when they are in town. The TV and any other amenities you choose to add for your future guests should be permanent fixtures in your new multipurpose room.

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