Is one of your goals for the year to get your home more organized? Perhaps you have started the spring cleaning frenzy, and are looking for additional ways to tidy up and free some floor space. While there are many solutions and ways to achieve all of these goals, one great option is to look into upgrading to a wallbed for your sleeping arrangements. Now, the benefits of gaining more usable space within your home may be immediately apparent, however, you may be wondering just how organized you will be getting simply with the switch to a wallbed. Let’s take a look at some examples of the wallbed options we have available, and how they help you step your organization game up to the next level. 

Desk Wallbeds

Ideal for homeowners who need to utilize a guest room as an office as well, or for those who are looking at wallbeds for their school-age children, desk wallbeds are a great option for providing storage solutions in addition to a workspace. This choice is extremely popular because it truly is the best of both worlds and settles the debate of what that extra room in the house should be used for. Investing in a desk wallbed ensures that there is space for everyone within your home.

There are many desk wallbed options available, including adding straight or shaped desks to an existing wallbed, or deluxe or standard desk wallbed with it already built in. Some of our beds also offer hutch options, providing more storage above the desk and bed area. In addition, there are many cabinet choice to add beside or underneath the desk to capitalize on organizational space. 

With all of the built-in features available for our desk wallbeds, it is easy to get organized and stay that way. It is no longer necessary to have numerous separate pieces of furniture to have a functional home office, as everything can be included in a dual-functionality desk wallbed. Utilize the cabinetry and hutch space for storing documents and office supplies, and do not worry about having to clear your desk or rearrange the room every time the guest bed is in use, as we plan for approximately 19” of space between desktop and bed, so you can leave everything right where it is. 

Library Wallbeds

For reading nooks or just spare rooms with lots of books or knick knacks, the library wallbed may be the ideal solution. When the bed is in the upright solution, this bed simply looks like a bookcase. Utilizing as much vertical room as possible, this option provides ample storage space, allowing you to properly organize your room however you would like. When it comes time to use the bed, all you need to do is slide the bi-fold doors open and pull the bed down into a sleeping position. This wallbed is optimized for convenience. Where moving a standard bookcase out of the way might be a difficult task, these library-like units open and close very easily, making bed time a breeze. Because you are not needing to arrange and rearrange your room constantly, these make getting organized extremely simple. 

Cabinet Additions

Cabinets are available for each wallbed in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking to incorporate some additional storage in your room, or you want to add a reading nook with a bookshelf, or you simply want some shelving to display knick knacks and artifacts, choosing a wallbed with a dual functionality of a cabinet, or adding cabinetry to the sides of your wallbed, can be a perfect solution for you.

There are a variety of cabinet options and styles that are available for our wallbeds. You can choose to go with cabinets that are permanently open, like additional shelving units on either side (or both sides) of your wallbed. You can also choose to have cabinets that are equipped with doors, so the storage inside can be neatly tucked away or hidden from view. There are drawer options and wardrobe options as well as slide-out trays and nightstands. Cabinets are an extremely efficient way to add extra storage space and organizational value to your room. 

Wallbeds are a great way to get your home organized and keep it that way. There are many customization options to design the wallbed of your dreams, and to make it work for your wants and needs. Interested in getting a wallbed for your home? Look for your local showroom and scheduled an appointment today!