Firefighters in LaHonda make great use of space with a Murphy desk wallbed.

Volunteer fire fighters at La Honda Fire in La Honda, CA are a testament to the usefulness of a wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More. These volunteer fire fighters do not have a designated bed so they turned a dormitory setting into a true living space with the use of a wallbed.  The collapsible wall bed can be folded up to get more usage out of the tight living quarters. With choices of mobile wallbeds or traditional Murphy Wallbeds, La Honda firefighters can count on a good night’s sleep in case they have to prepare for a fire or an emergency.

Pleasanton Fire Station Makes Use of Dual Function Wallbeds with Desks

Fire Fighters in Pleasanton, CA have adopted dual function Desk Beds.  When pulled down, the fire fighters slumber on comfortable wallbeds and wallbed mattresses. During non-resting times, the wallbed is pulled up to reveal a desk in place of the bed. Making the most out of useable space, the fire fighters have the benefit of a sleeping quarter as well as a place to sit, read, compose a letter, or dabble on a computer.

The Use of Murphy Wallbeds in Older Versus Newer Fire Stations

The style and set-up of fire stations have changed over time. Fire stations were once set-up as dormitory-style, with as many as three beds per room; nowadays, modern fire stations are set up with individual rooms. Both make great use out of the wallbeds, which can be folded up and pushed to the side, folded up on both sides, or folded up against the wall.

In times where the older, dormitory-style rooms have an influx of volunteers, fire fighters in training, or an overflow of fire fighters, these wallbeds come in handy. Both a bed and a living space, wallbeds can be used in countless ways to make it easier for fire fighters and volunteers to attend to their jobs.

Wallbeds “n” More Has the Perfect Wallbed for You

Whether you are looking for a simple wallbed, a wallbed and desk combination, a wallbed with dressers, or a mobile wallbed, Wallbeds “n” More has the largest selection of wallbeds.  Stop by one of our locations or visit our website to learn more!