It’s often easy to look at your home and think there’s no room for anything else, but with a hidden wall bed from Wallbeds “n” More, you can re-organize your home to accommodate guests without needing any additional square footage. Just follow our expert guide to making the most of the space you already have, and use these helpful tips to add both style and functionality to your house. 


Add a Murphy Bed to a Home Gym


If you have a home gym, yoga studio, or workout room, a wall bed furniture unit is a simple solution to transforming one space into two purposes. When you design a custom wall bed at Wallbeds “n” More, we can make sure it meets your needs and doesn’t take away from the existing functionality of your room. 

For example, if you use a particular space as a yoga studio and need lots of floor space, we can help you choose the perfect murphy bed that folds right up into the wall so you don’t lose any floor space, and we can add drawers or cabinets to store your yoga or other workout equipment out of sight. When guests come to visit, simply pull your murphy bed from the wall and reveal a hidden wall bed that is both comfortable and stylish


Add a Wallbed to an Attic or Basement Apartment 


If you’re wondering, are murphy beds comfortable? The answer is that they most certainly are if you choose one from Wallbeds “n” More! Unlike traditional hide-a-beds or futons of the past, our wall beds have the ability to allow you to choose your own mattress. 

Selecting your own standard mattress not only means no more pinched fingers to hide bed springs or lumpy, futon mattresses, but you can choose the exact level of firmness or softness you deserve in a mattress. 


What Size is a Murphy Bed? 


If you’re wondering, “what size is a murphy bed, exactly?” simply come into one of our showrooms to see examples of all of the different sizes available. At Wallbeds “n” More we offer twin wall bed sizes, extra large twin, full, and queen size murphy beds. If you are typically only expecting one guest at a time, a twin size might be ideal for an extra small space like a tiny attic room or nook

If you have a larger area like a room or an entire basement guest suite, a full or a queen size murphy bed will increase the luxury and enjoyment of hosting multiple guests at a time.


Design a Den or Family Room with a Hidden Wall Bed 


If you are lucky enough to have a den or family room area built into your living space, choosing a wall bed furniture system that is disguised as bookcases or an accent table is a great way to add space without compromising on style. 

Your furniture can look just like a beautiful, built-in bookshelf or decorative sofa table until you’re ready to pull down the hidden wall bed for your visitors and transform the room into a comfortable place for them to stay. 


No Need to Bolt Murphy Bed Chests to Walls


The best part about the chest wall beds are that they also don’t have to bolt to a wall, so if you typically rearrange the furniture in your family room or den, you can simply pick it up and move it to its new spot without having to unmount it from the wall as with traditional murphy bed systems. 


Find the Wallbeds “n” More Showroom Closest to You


At Wallbeds “n” More, we know it’s important to you to use every square inch of your home to the fullest. Each one of our showrooms is designed specifically to allow you to test out a variety of different murphy bed units and choose the one that’s most comfortable and appealing to you. 

We can help you customize everything from armoires and bookshelves built right in, to desks, tabletops, and accent lighting included with your bed. Installation and delivery is available with your purchase as we want to make sure your shopping experience with Wallbeds “n” More is top-notch from the moment you step into a showroom until your wall bed is securely delivered and installed.

Check out our store locations here and make an appointment today to start the process of ordering your new hidden bed. We can’t wait to help you transform your room into a multi functional space.