Can my wallbed be delivered to my house?

Yes, Wallbeds “n” More has delivery centers at each of our showrooms that deliver and install our murphy beds in your home. Our white-glove delivery service includes delivering your murphy bed to your room, assembling and installing it – we navigate up stairs, through doorways, etc to get your bed in your home. We then install it and attach it to studs in the wall to ensure a safe and stable installation. We aren’t an online store that just delivers your wallbed to your driveway and expects you to be able to install it. (In addition, your wallbed can be moved when you decide to move too)

Your Wallbeds "n" More Murphy Bed can be delivered, assembled and installed for you at your house

What are my wallbed delivery options?

Delivery options are based on your local area and showroom. Visit your local Wallbeds “n” More showroom today to learn more about how we can deliver and setup your wallbed for you.

If you are not near a local showroom, contact our corporate office for details on how to purchase your murphy bed and your available delivery options.

Do I have to install a murphy bed after I buy it?

We know how daunting it is: after doing your research and shopping for the best murphy bed to fit your home based on design and possibly price, you’ve made your decision! You are a smart consumer and found an amazing deal at an online store…except that for the savings in price, you now have pieces of wallbed strewn all over your room and aren’t sure where to start. And on closer inspection, the material of your murphy bed doesn’t really look that great either…

This is a common story we hear from clients who tried to buy online. They may find a lower price, but the hassle that comes along costs more than what they saved on the purchase price. In addition, paying for a contractor to install your murphy bed can take several hours at $70/hr or more!

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At Wallbeds “n” More, we offer a deliver and install service that brings your bed right to your home. For a fraction of a cost, we deliver and install, and guarantee the installation as well.  Just ask your nearest wallbed showroom about how we can make the process as seamless as possible.