A small apartment can reduce the number of decorating options you have. From trying to save room in your small space to trying to avoid a visually overwhelming atmosphere, it is sometime difficult to know where to start. That’s why we have come up with these ideas and guidelines for decorating your small apartment with style and keeping it fun!

Light is your friend

If your apartment gets a lot of natural sunlight, that is great. You can use that light to make your rooms feel fresh and larger. Use curtains instead of blinds to let the sun glow into your apartment when you want.

If your apartment does not get a lot of natural light, use more than one light source for each room. Try using a variety of lighting units—table lamps, floor lamps, track lighting—and a variety of bulb tones. Variety will ensure that your rooms have depth, and will give the impression that there is more space.

Decorating apartments in small spaces can be stylish and fun.

Decorate your small apartment with style using our simple tips!

Break up monotonous lines

In a small apartment, rooms are often overrun by right angles. We recommend using carpets, end tables, and wall art to complicate any room’s arrangement. Apartment decorating is a subtle art, but once you work against the repetitive shapes that can define your perception of a room as bland, the interior design will start to feel more comfortable and home-like.

Avoid Dark Background Colors

Having dark pieces of furniture is not always bad for a small apartment, but it’s a great idea to use lighter colors on your walls and floor. If your apartment has dark wall-to-wall carpeting, try placing a beige or off-white carpet in the middle of your living room. You will see how the color change really opens the room up!

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Desk wallbeds are great decorating pieces for small spaces and small apartments.

Wallbeds that double as desks declutter space and add style to small apartments and spaces.


Nantucket wallbed by WallbedsN'More are an example of a decorating idea for small spaces.

Using a wallbed will help you make your small apartment space look stylish.

From folding desks to wall beds, it’s crucial to use furniture that can transform to meet your needs. Every room in your apartment can serve multiple purposes—your bedroom could also be a home office, and your living room could also be a guest room. What makes these multipurpose rooms work is having the right furniture in place.

If you are looking for a great small apartment bedroom solution, take a look at our wall beds. Also known as Murphy beds, wall beds save space without sacrificing comfort.