Consider adding a cabinet to one of our Murphy wallbeds for more space.

When you are looking to redo a bedroom, it’s not just a bed set that you are shopping for. You might want to add a nightstand, dresser, wardrobe, desk or a combination of them all to complete the look.

Depending on what your needs are, Wallbeds “n” More has a solution to your bedroom furniture needs.

Creative Ways to Use Your Wallbed

When a firehouse came to Wallbeds “n” More needing comfortable beds for their firemen while also balancing out space saving, we had just the solution for them!

To maximize space, you can actually place two wallbeds next to each other with a cabinet in between to space them out. The firehouse only needed twin beds so we were able to further maximize the space.

This could be a great idea for in your spare room, summer cottage or winter cabin, where you want to have more space available for individuals to sleep. For grandparents who need space for their grandkids, kids in a smaller room, or even firemen, two XL twin beds with a 24-inch wardrobe pier create a perfect combination. Imagine a cozy kid’s room where you can sleep a horde of kids, but fold the beds up by day to have a full playroom! That’s why we love our Murphy Beds.

Choose from a Variety of Wallbeds “n” More Cabinets, Styles, and Finishes

Creative ways to use a cabinet with your Murphy bed.If you are saving space, it only makes sense to add a cabinet with your Murphy bed. It can be used for storage or to create a decorative area for your room.

During the day, the beds are folded up, the wardrobe hides all clothing and accessories, and there is added space in the room. At night, the beds easily, quietly, and safely fold down to reveal twin beds that are pre-made and ready for sleeping. The wardrobe pier functions as a closet and a dresser, holding whatever essentials are needed.

Visit Your Nearest Wallbeds “n” More Location to Discover More Creative Bedroom Furniture Ideas

When you visit any of our Wallbeds “n” More locations, you have the opportunity to view our wallbed andcombinations. Look around on your own or ask our wallbed experts for advice and inspiration.

Our wallbeds and cabinets come in a variety of sizes, designs and finishes. We pride ourselves in crafting affordable beds, some of which is made in the U.S.A, for almost every budget.