One of the things proven to help ensure the academic success of children and teenagers is to have a designated space in the home for them to do homework, study, and complete projects. At Wallbeds “n” More, we are the premier Murphy bed company to help you maximize space and create utility in your teen’s room. Whether you are looking to create a wall bed home office for your teen that can double as an impromptu guest room when visitors come to town, or you want to redecorate your teen’s bedroom to include a wall bed home office for homework and studying, we can work with you to choose a perfect design. 

At Wallbeds “n” More, we are not just a Murphy bed company that sells cookie-cutter products, rather we allow you to create a wall bed home office with a variety of storage options, lighting packages, hardware choices, and finish options. Our Murphy bed company wants you to have a say in the process of designing your new furniture! 


Provide Your Teenager with Dual Function Furniture

When your teen is ready to study, having a desk area in the comfort of their own room can be ideal. Since it is their private space, they will feel ownership over it and take pride in it. By choosing to add piers onto one or both sides of the Murphy bed unit, you can also customize the size to fit different lengths of walls. When studying is over and they’re ready to sleep, they simply fold the bed down from the wall!


A Variety of Desk Options with a Murphy Bed Home Office

Our Murphy bed company offers different desk options to meet the varying needs of teenagers. A straight desk is one that extends right out from the backside of the wall bed and can be ideal for students who mostly work on a laptop or utilize the desk for simple homework and projects. If your teen spends a lot of time using the desktop for more hands-on projects, an art class, or something else creative, or they simply need more space to spread out their materials, a shaped desk can provide more room and function as it has a small amount of curvature that creates a deeper workspace.


Adding Storage Solutions

When you are creating a wall bed home office for your teen, thinking about storage options is a must. By adding peers with bookshelves to the sides of the Murphy bed, you can create a place for not only textbooks and literature, but also other school supplies to be stored. You can also customize many of the Murphy bed units by adding the following options:


  • Wardrobe/armoires for clothing storage

  • Shelving

  • Cabinets

  • Drawers

  • Bookcases

  • Lighting packages


By increasing the functionality of your teen’s room and adding a workspace that is customized to his or her needs, it makes your child more likely to keep the space clean and be productive with schoolwork. 

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