No parent is ever truly ready to deal with their kids leaving for college. If your child is getting ready to start the next chapter of life, use the following tips to cope with changes and avoid feeling like an empty nester:

Communicate with Each Other
Even if your child is excited about moving away and starting fresh in college, he or she is probably also nervous about the new experience. While you are packing up your child’s belongings, you should make an effort to communicate so everyone can express their feelings about the new situation. Talking can help everyone come to terms with the changes and feel more comfortable about the new life phase.

Start Thinking About Changing the Bedroom
If you leave your child’s bedroom in the same condition in which he or she left it, it might be much more difficult to deal with the fact that they no longer live in your home. If you make an effort to change it a little, though, it could help you move on to the next phase of your life. You can transform the space into a custom home office or a home gym. If you add a hidden bed and desk to the space, you still have a space where your child can sleep when they come back to visit.

Get Involved
Sitting around your house thinking about how much you miss your children will not help you cope with the fact that they left. If you want to really deal with your new lifestyle, you should join some clubs or activities that help you conquer this new transition and continue living your life once your children move out.

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