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5 Brilliant Space Saving Ideas for Small Homes in the City

Small home city living

As housing prices skyrocket and people living in the city are choosing smaller homes, the spaces young professionals live in are requiring smarter space saving solutions. Whether your city home is a condo, apartment, or townhouse, making the most of a small space is essential. Here are 5 ideas that will keep your small home organized, and will make room for your busy life.

1. Use your Kitchen Island as a Dining Table to Save Space

Making your kitchen island double as a dining table or using your counter as breakfast bar are great ways to maximize space in your small city home. The point is that your kitchen furniture should work double-duty. If your kitchen space is limited and you use it for dining, it’s much easier to sit around a versatile rolling kitchen island than it is to devote a large amount of space to a full dining table.

2. Open Shelving Makes Your Small Home Feel Larger

In your kitchen and living room, use shelving instead of cabinets and other boxy storage solutions. Closed cabinets eliminate much of your home space from your field of vision! Even if you’re not actively using that space, it will add to your room’s depth. By having open shelving and storage for your things, your rooms will feel more open and spacious.

Murphy wall beds save space

3. Take Advantage of Space Saving Beds

Whether you use space saving beds for overnight guests or for you and your family, make sure your bedrooms are making the most of the available space. A wall bed, also called a Murphy bed, folds up and stows away when not in use, so you can utilize the added space for any other purpose! This can turn a small guest room or even your bedroom into a multipurpose room that doubles as a home office or workout space.

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4. Utilize Wall-Mounted Storage & Decorations

Your walls are valuable real estate in a small home, so use vertical space instead of bulky bookshelves and storage drawers. If you have limited closet space in your apartment or townhouse, wall shelves are a fantastic solution. As an added bonus, the things you store on wall shelves double as decorations, giving your small home a personal touch that can improve your home’s atmosphere.

Space saving city living ideas

5. Vary Lighting Throughout Your Small City Home

Lighting might not be the first thing you think of when considering how to make a small space look larger, but plain fluorescent lighting can flatten a room. In the city, it can be difficult to get natural light in certain rooms or nooks. Try using a variety of light sources—large and small, bright and dim—to give your rooms depth. You also want to avoid spotlighting areas of your small home by having more a simple floor lamp.

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