Wallbeds "n" More has different cabinet options.

With a booming economy and rising home prices, many people are turning to apartments, studios, and smaller living spaces to make their home.  Students sharing a dorm or apartments are also faced with making the most of our smaller living quarters.

At Wallbeds “n” More, we can appreciate that smaller also means smarter.  Living spaces often have to be repurposed.  A living room meant for entertaining also serves as a bedroom. Office space cleverly serves a dual purpose, when our customers jump out of bed, fold it up, and head straight to work with our Wallbeds “n” More Desk beds.

Functionality, Convenience or Both?

 When you need to choose furniture but have limited space, Wallbeds “n” More offers a complete line of piers and cabinets designed to complement any Wallbeds “n” More Murphy Bed or Wallbed. Available in a variety of widths and options, such as the ability to open with a door or set of drawers, cabinet options depend on the style of wallbed you choose.

Open Bookcase: this durable and functional open bookcase allows you to highlight trinkets, picture frames, books, or collections next to your wallbed. Crafted to compliment your Wallbed or Murphy Bed, it’s a natural and attractive piece.

Door Cabinet: The door cabinet provides multiple purposes. Place sentimental pieces on the shelves while using the cabinet to keep items safe, out of view, or clean, or use the entire pier as a dresser.  Clothes fold up neatly on the shelves and behind the door.  Mix and match for a variety of uses and purposes.

Barn Door Murphy Bed Pier

Three Drawer: Another fine use of furniture, the three-drawer cabinet can serve to keep possessions next to your bed such as a nightstand or used to hold smaller items of clothes. Use the shelving unit for books, clothes, collectibles or a combination of both.  Flank a pier on each side or just use one.  Your creativity is the only stumbling block to this featured piece of Wallbeds “n” More cabinet furniture.

Guest Cabinet: Allow your guests to unpack and stay awhile with this unique piece of furniture.  Servings as both a closet and a dresser, your guests have hang up space and drawers to relax, unwind, and enjoy your company. In between guests, you can use this for your own storage space and to keep your items clean, out of view, or private.


Visit our Showroom and Speak to One of Our Wallbeds “n” More Professionals

 If you would like to visit a showroom that is close to you, please find your nearest location on your store locator. You can wander around the showroom and look at our furniture and speak to a specialist to find the cabinet and pier set that is just right for you and your wallbed.