When you’re looking for the perfect Murphy Bed for your home, you may start with the style to match your home and then the review the finish options to ensure the color matches, but the final piece of customization is always the cabinets.

Cabinet options are what allow you to choose the perfect layout for your room, as your Murphy Bed really does make the room.

First, Choose Your Murphy Bed

Barrington Table Bed White, dining room table and desk murphy bed

Our Barrington table bed features a drop down table by day and a bed by night.

When choosing a bed, you can decide if you want a standard Murphy Wallbed in either horizontal or vertical, or if you want a Dual Function Wallbed that includes a sofa, bookcase, desk or table.

Second, Choose the Finish

Each of our wallbeds lists the finishes that it is available in. We offer a selection from light stains to dark stains and most have white or gray available as an option too.

Finally, Choose Your Cabinet Options

Some manufacturers offer different cabinet options, so if there is something you specifically require, be sure to mention this first.

Features you can choose from include bookshelves, pull out trays, drawers, open cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, desks, and even a rolling cart file!

Murphy bed bookcase cabinet, wallbed bookcaseMurphy Bed Pencil/File Cabinet Wallbed Door Cabinet, cabinet & door for murphy bed