Having an organized and spacious area in your home to focus when you’re studying, working, or reading can be extremely beneficial especially now that many families have someone working at least part-time from home. At Wallbeds “n” More we have found one of the greatest solutions to adding space and functionality to a home is a bookshelf Murphy bed desk combo. This innovative piece of furniture adds value in so many ways, creating extra space, providing a comfortable bed for guests, and increasing the storage capacity of any room to simplify your home and your life. 


A Bookshelf Murphy Bed Desk Combo for a Dual-Function Room 


When you think of a hidden wall bed, you likely think of a Murphy bed mattress that folds down from the wall to create a convenient sleeping space in a tiny area. While this is, of course, the main function of the traditional Murphy bed, at Wallbeds “n” More we have taken this concept to a whole new level with a wide variety of bookshelf Murphy bed desk combos with may possible add-ons such as Murphy bed cabinets, shelving, wardrobes, drawers, and more. 


Bookshelf Murphy Bed Desk Combo for Common Areas in Your Home


If you have an area in your home that functions as a shared space such as a den, breakfast nook, or family room, a bookshelf Murphy bed desk combo could be the perfect piece of furniture to maximize utility and style in that space.

Having a bookshelf, Murphy bed desk combination in such a common area offers the following benefits:


  • a homework station that can be supervised by parents who are in the living room or kitchen
  • a clean, uncluttered area to organize belongings, books, and desk supplies
  • a display area (on the shelves) for artwork, decor, or photos that you’d like to keep protected but display in a visible space
  • an instant guest room that doesn’t take up much living space
  • a computer workstation for children and teenagers that can be easily supervised
  • a place for kids to have sleepovers that adds additional sleeping space to a common room


So Many Different Bookshelf Murphy Bed Desk Combo Models to Choose From!


At Wallbeds “n” More, we have many different models of bookshelf Murphy bed desk combos to choose from. Here are just two examples of our most popular styles: 


The Deluxe Desk Wallbed:


One of the most beautiful small bookshelf Murphy bed desk combos is our Deluxe Desk Wallbed model seen here. This gorgeous piece of furniture is available in a queen size and has a large desk space for work, crafts, sewing, homework and more. It comes in 12 different finish options and the hardware can be customized as well. 


Perhaps the most inventive and convenient feature is the pivot mechanism which allows everything to remain on the desktop (even electronics can remain plugged in!) as the bed folds down from the wall. Fold it back up and your desktop will be just as it was with nothing out of place!


The Euro Table Bed


With a fold down table that can double as a desk, the Euro Table Bed is perhaps our most versatile model. It comes in 12 different finishes with all kinds of storage features; bookshelves and drawers can be built into piers that are sold separately so you can customize the bed to your exact space. 

 The queen size bed offers a comfortable sleeping space and the table can be used as a desk, workstation, puzzle area, game platform, or even a dining table and can fold up when not in use to provide additional floor space.


A Wall Bed as Unique as You Are


At Wallbeds “n” More, we offer all kinds of customizations to make your furniture unique including: 


  • Hardware selection
  • Various wood types and finishes
  • Optional lighting packages
  • Storage add-ons such as piers with bookshelves and drawers
  • Mattress sizes and firmness choices


Match Your Style!


Because you get to personalize your bookshelf Murphy bed desk combo exactly the way you want it, it is sure to be not only a practical solution for saving space in your home, but also a beautiful addition to your pre-existing interior design style. 

If you are renovating a room and looking for design recommendations, our professionals at Wallbeds “n” More can also help you choose particular models that fit with your style and can also assist with incorporating accent pieces such as pillows, lamps, and artistic touches.


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 We can’t wait to show you how a bookshelf Murphy bed desk combo can completely transform your home and your life with its many functions and eye-catching styles!