Tips to Arranging Your Wallbed Furniture

Arrange Your Wallbed for optimal living arrangements

You’re the lucky owner of a wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More and you’re looking for tips to arranging your wallbed furniture. You want to make the most out of your useable space and you’re already smart enough to realize that a Murphy wallbed is your best bet.

So where to put the bed?  Against the wall, under a window, at a slant? Do you put the desk in a place that draws attention from the view from the hallway when the bed is up?  Do you want your guests to see the picture frames and decorations carefully set on your wallbed bookshelves or do you want to keep your cherished items out of view?

Whatever your dilemma, Wallbeds “n” More wants to help you by providing these helpful Tips to Arranging Your Wallbed Furniture. Choose which tip works the best for you and your living arrangement!

Tips to Arranging Your Wallbed Furniture

Use our standard desk wallbeds to hide clutter!

Bed Placement

  • Place your wallbed so you are facing the window. Taking in the view makes the space appear larger and you feel less confined. Ifthis is not an option, feel free to place the bed next to a window where you can still take in the light and views.
  • Flank your Murphy wallbed with bookshelves (we have several cabinet options ( available to suit your beds) or end tables for a symmetrical look and feel.
  • Make your wallbed the focal point of the room and place an area rug under it that extends beyond the foot of the bed and at least two feet on either side of the bed.
  • Avoid placing the foot of the bed near the door as it makes the room feel enclosed and doesn’t allow access to the room.
  • Allow ample space on each side of the bed for making the bed or placing furniture.
  • Create an alcove with one of our Standard Desk Wallbeds for an enclosed, cozy look and feel.

Accessory Furniture

Cabinets and desks add storage
  • Use Wallbeds “n” More cabinet/desks to bring storage to a higher elevation. This makes the room appear larger and you gain useable space.
  • Choose ourMobile Wallbed, a bed on wheels that can be moved easily around the room for greater functionality.
  • Use chairs without arms to save space.
  • Place larger dressers or TV armoires across from the foot of the bed.
  • Utilize mirrors to make the room appear larger.

Guest Quarters

Murphy wallbeds and guest cabinets allow room for guests to store their clothes.
  • Choose a paint color that is light and airy and makes the room feel comfortable. Take a look at our blog, Which Paint Colors Work Best with a Wallbed, for insight.
  • Place your Murphy wallbed against a wall for one sleeper or move it to the center of the room for two guests so they both have room to get in and out of bed.
  • For small spaces, a small stool can be used as both a table to put things on and a place to sit.
  • Place framed mirrors around the room to look more spacious.
  • Add a storage piece such as one of Wallbeds “n” More guest cabinets in place of a closet or dresser.

Office Space

  • Choose a multipurpose piece of furniture that you can use as a desk, storage cabinet, or space saver. Our Deluxe Desk Wallbed can be paired with a comfortable chair that can be used for work or leisure.
  • Place desk next to a window if possible. Find more information about a useable work space on our blog, Tips to Arranging the Perfect Workspace.

Choose Your Furniture from Wallbeds “n” More

When it comes to arranging your room furniture, the professionals at Wallbeds “n” More can help. With a basic knowledge of your needs and wants and the purpose of your furniture, we can help you design your room. Our delivery service helps you avoid the heavy lifting, and we can even place the furniture where you have selected the location.

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  • We were so happy to find a wall bed place so close to home – from the moment I called to ask questions to the time we went and looked and bought the staff and everyone involved was wonderful. The time it took to get it and the delivery and set up was wonderful. I would do it again.

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