When people first hear about a bed that pulls from the wall, images of old, clunky hide-a-bed couches and uncomfortable daybeds with thin mattresses may come to mind. “Are Murphy beds comfortable?” is a question we hear time after time from customers who have never slept on one of our delightfully comfortable hidden beds from Wallbeds and More!


What Makes Wallbeds “n” More Murphy Beds So Comfortable?


The reason our Murphy beds are so exceedingly comfortable is threefold. The supportive design of the frame, the size of the bed, and the luxuriousness of the mattress combine to ensure a wonderful night’s sleep without the discomfort that commonly comes from traditional convertible bed models. 


#1. The Frame


Our frame system is designed to be light enough to pull down from the wall and replaced with ease so that just one person can do it safely and without strain. What it lacks in heaviness however, it makes up for in stability, and our special locking leg system means that each model of Murphy bed is safe and stable when set up. In order to increase safety, we also affix the Murphy bed furniture unit to the wall so that it cannot topple over (it can be unbolted and relocated with you should you ever move).

 Instead of utilizing a box spring system, the mattresses of our Murphy beds sit on a wood platform that has wood slats with a protective liner board to protect the mattress. Not only does this make our Murphy beds incredibly comfortable, but it also reduces the wear and tear on certain kinds of mattresses like latex and memory foam types that are sometimes damaged by resting on box springs.


#2. The Size


Another common question we hear at Wallbeds “n” More is, “Are Murphy beds comfortable for tall people?” This seems to be a prevalent concern since many people picture Murphy beds as being small, compact beds that can squeeze into tight spaces. While Murphy beds are indeed designed to save space and maximize function, at Wallbeds “n” More we offer twin size Murphy beds, XL twins (to add additional length for tall sleepers!) full size wall beds, or even queen size Murphy beds!

 Because you can find many of our models in multiple sizes, you can choose the modern Murphy bed frame and the size of mattress that accommodates you best and enhances your comfort. If you typically have guests come to visit, don’t forget to consider how many people typically stay over and what size Murphy bed they would be most comfortable in when making your selection. 


#3. The Mattress 


If you’re still wondering, “Are Murphy beds comfortable?” you’re probably thinking it also depends on the mattress… and you’re right! Say goodbye to thin, lumpy mattresses that traditionally came on fold-out couches or other beds for compact spaces.

 One of the best parts about the Murphy beds at Wallbeds “n” More is that our bed frames are sold separately from the mattresses, and can accommodate mattresses up to 11 inches thick. This means, you can come into one of our showrooms and try out different types of mattresses to select the perfect one for your comfort level, or you can likely even use your current mattress in the new bed frame! 


Find Your Local Wallbeds “n” More Showroom and Make an Appointment!


When you make an appointment to visit one of our conveniently located showrooms, you can answer the question, “Are Murphy beds comfortable?” for yourself! See how effortless it is to pull down a hidden bed from the wall, test all of the different mattresses, and find out which model feels most comfortable to you! 

 Our wonderful employees will give you a tour of the showroom, help you select the right Murphy bed unit for you, and customize it to match the interior decor scheme of your home. 

Simply locate the showroom nearest to you with our store locator tool and make an appointment today! You can also call us with any questions at (925) 570-5663.