Our Barrington Table Bed allows useable space and a bed.If you are a parent, grandparent, empty nester, college student, first-time homeowner, vacation homeowner, recent college grad or anyone looking for a comfortable, space saving bed, you are the perfect candidate for a wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More.

Our uniquely designed beds offer functionality while saving you space and money. Designed for a dual purpose, furniture by day, comfortable bed by night, our wallbeds and Murphy beds are an affordable option.

Wallbeds for Parents with Recreation Rooms

When you want to transform a play room, workout room, or loft into a usable bedroom for company, consider our Barrington Table Bed.

Our Barrington Table Bed is a creative combination of table and bed, perfect for a play room or rec room.  Children and teens can do homework or play games during the day and sleep in it during the night! With the option to add cabinets, you can create an entire dual purpose piece of furniture to match your style and tastes.

Wallbeds for Empty Nesters

If you’re an empty nester who wants space in your home office but also wants to use it as a bedroom when your kids and grandkids come home, consider a Deluxe Desk Wallbed.

These queen beds come in a variety of colors and hardware options. Ready to use, the Deluxe Desk Wallbed allows the bed to be premade with a pillow box to hide pillows.

First-time Homebuyer? Save Space and Money with a Sofa Caspian Wallbed

When you first buy a home, you may find yourself a little short on space and cash. A dual-function wallbed, such as the  Sofa Caspian Wallbed, allows you to have a couch by day and a bed by night. With this comfortable and functional wallbed, you are spared from having to buy two pieces of furniture, saving money to decorate your home or do some repairs.

College Students and Recent College Grads Should Consider a Mobile Wallbed

Dorm rooms and college apartments are often small and lack space.  A mobile wallbed is portable with a simplistic, yet attractive design.  It’s useful for college students who can transport their beds with them year after year and right after graduation.

Vacation Homeowners Might Choose a Mission Wallbed

Mission wallbeds are popular choices for people with vacation homes.

Vacation homes beg for a stylish, yet inexpensive, space-saving-bed combination. A Mission Wallbed allows vacation homeowners the comfort and convenience of a pre-made bed with an oak-finished cabinet. Options to add piers or cabinets with book cases, drawers, shelves, or a door complete the look and provide a fully-functioning guest room. Personalize your Mission Wallbed with one of many hardware options.

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