How to Create a Home Gym (During COVID) With a Murphy Bed

In California, gyms have been shut down since March, with a brief opening period before closures were required again. For many, this has required finding other ways to get their workouts in. This is devastating to many businesses, and affects millions of weight lifters, group class workouts and more.

The most obvious options are: workout outdoors, or workout at home. As gyms have pivoted, there are now many online options for classes, or in the good weather, outdoor classes. But the heat of summer, the cold of winter, or the wet of spring and fall can all interfere with this. Having a home gym helps ensure the most consistent way to include workouts in your home.

How to Set Up Your Home Gym


Multipurpose workout room and guest room

First to consider is how much space you need for your workout, and what use the space will have. Will you be doing HIIT workouts, which may require jumping and movement, or will you be doing yoga where you need room to stretch out for poses? If you want to include weight lifting, what equipment and machines will you need to have room for?

The second part of the ‘space’ consideration is more about the environment. Do you want a side room where you have privacy for your workout if there are others in your house, do you want a room that you can keep at a cooler temperature? Or do you want to work out in your living room because it is the place you will most likely be and have the most room to move?

At Wallbeds “n” More, we’ve seen a huge increase in clients purchasing a murphy bed for their home so that they can create a workout room. Not only does the bed fold away during the day, but with matching cabinets (or even a rolling desk), they can store much of their equipment at the same time. Find wallbed styles for your home workout room.


What does your ideal workout look like? Will you be doing different types of exercises or will you stick to just one consistent style? Will you mostly be watching online videos and doing body weight workouts? Or do you need the equipment for heavier lifting and intensity interval workouts?

All of these will affect how you set up your area. Whether you store weights in the closet and pull them out to work in a general area, or go into your specialized workout area, these all need to be taken into consideration.

Depending on how serious you are about working out, you may keep it simple, or invest in a few pieces of quality equipment so that you can get your workout in…no matter how the COVID situation progresses.


Now what’s worse than missing your workouts because you can’t go to the gym? Missing them because you don’t commit to them.

The main reason in setting up a home gym is so that you can work out consistently, to maintain your fitness, strength and health. If you don’t use it, the it’s a waste of space, money and potential. Just like going to the gym, whether for classes, with a trainer, or with friends, you need a routine and you need accountability.

Set your workout in your calendar and treat it like any other appointment you’ve committed to. It’s easy to make excuses either for a morning workout or an evening workout that you intended to do… So, make the commitment now. Have a regular routine in place so that it becomes automatic – you don’t have to decide whether you will or won’t work out, you just do it. Need help creating a routine? Use this guide to creating your own home gym workout routine or find an online workout program that works for you.

Create an Environment for Success

The easiest way to create a successful home gym and home workout routine is by creating a dedicated workout room. However, that is valuable space you may be giving up at a time when the house is full of your family. That’s why murphy beds are so popular to help create that home gym.

Our murphy beds are available in Queen, Twin, or Single so that you can have a comfortable regular bed, but also fold it away against the wall by day. (How crazy is that?! Have a bed that doesn’t take up space!)

If you’re curious how a wallbed could fit your room, download our Room Planner Kit or contact your locally owned Wallbeds “n” More showroom for a virtual or private appointment.

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