What Does a Cluttered Workspace Say About Your Creativity?

A messy desk can be a sign of productivity and creativity

The next time someone admonishes you for a cluttered desk or office space, let them know that clutter inspires creativity. In an article published by Psychology Today, one man’s mess is another’s inspiration.

Social psychologist, Kathleen Vos, from the University of Minnesota put two teams of individuals in two separate rooms. One room was tidy and one was messy. She then asked the students to come up with creative ideas for a ping-pong ball. Judges scored the ideas from the students in the messy room as more creative than the ideas from the students in the kempt room.

Further studies demonstrated that workers in messy environments work more productively and are more creative.

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If you have even more items to stow, count on our hutch above the bed.

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  • I have had the pleasure of doing business at the Costa Mesa Wallbeds and More on two separate occasions. I was invited to visit the store by appointment which assured me Roger’s full attention and respect for my time. I was able to ask questions and see a demonstration of how to open and close the beds. We discussed what I could expect from the delivery and installation personnel. Roger was outgoing and helpful in every way. The pieces I bought are comfortable, attractive, and a great solution to space issues.

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  • We are incredibly appreciative of your efforts to accommodate us. I also want to thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and grace. I understand that our decision-making over the past year+ has inconvenienced you in more ways than we are aware, and we are incredibly appreciative of your efforts to accommodate us through to a positive experience and outcome.

    - Valli B.
    Wallbed in a guest room
  • We were so happy to find a wall bed place so close to home – from the moment I called to ask questions to the time we went and looked and bought the staff and everyone involved was wonderful. The time it took to get it and the delivery and set up was wonderful. I would do it again.

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