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Tips for Cleaning Your Mattress

Cleaning your mattress is an essential part to your health and comfort. With a few household supplies and a few minutes each month, you can keep the mattress on your Wallbed clean and fresh. Check out this video to learn more. As dmonstrated in this clip, you can clean your mattress with items you probably […]

Look At That Beautiful Wood!

With a huge variety of wallbeds that can meet your every need, Wallbeds “n” More makes it easy to customize your home. Whether you want to create a space for holiday guests in your custom home office or optimize a small living space, our Avalon wallbeds can help. Keep reading to find out how: This […]

Spotlight on the Ahwatukee Wallbeds N More

Our Chandler/Ahwatukee location serves the entire Phoenix are. Liz looks forward to using her years of furniture industry experience to help you find the perfect Wallbed. Liz strongly recommends making an appointment to ensure the one on one attention you deserve. It’s easy! Give Liz a call at 480-658-0599. We look forward to seeing you […]