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The Business Model

Wallbeds “n” More is not a start-up concept. The business model and licensing of Wallbeds “n” More, Inc. has a 10-year track record of success. We have 20 stores operating and another 1 sold, pending grand opening. Wallbeds “n” More aims to have 50 total stores in the next 24 months.

Murphy Wallbeds are unique, upscale and despite the economy, we are having record months and steady growth. We have a significant budget for web marketing and can almost guarantee enough traffic through this marketing campaign alone to make stores solvent. Local ad programs, magazine, direct mail and home & garden shows are additional to the internet and very effective. Visit our website: www.wallbedsnmore.com. We are not a furniture store in any way, but the largest specialty Wallbed retailer in the country.

Why Become A Wallbeds “n” More Licensee?

  • Wallbeds “n” More has a phenomenal ROI and profit potential.
  • Wallbeds “n” More licensees work on a proven business model and receive thorough and on-going training and support to ensure success and continued growth.
  • Statistics show that 80% of franchise/ licensed businesses are still operating after 6 years, compared to 16% of non-franchised/non-licensed business.