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What Does a Cluttered Workspace Say About Your Creativity?

The next time someone admonishes you for a cluttered desk or office space, let them know that clutter inspires creativity. In an article published by Psychology Today, one man’s mess is another’s inspiration. Social psychologist, Kathleen Vos, from the University of Minnesota put two teams of individuals in two separate rooms. One room was tidy […]

The Benefits of Sleeping with Your Pet

It’s late and time for bed, or maybe it’s cold and windy, and you are just winding down the evening with a good movie or TV show.  Your faithful companion, your beloved dog or cat, settles in for the night, finding comfort as you do in your wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More. You find relief […]

Tips to Arranging Your Wallbed Furniture

You’re the lucky owner of a wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More and you’re looking for tips to arranging your wallbed furniture. You want to make the most out of your useable space and you’re already smart enough to realize that a Murphy wallbed is your best bet. So where to put the bed?  Against the […]

What Type of Sheets Should I Use on my Murphy Wallbed?

Now that you’re in your comfortable Murphy Wallbed, slipping on the right type of sheets to ensure a great night’s sleep is the next step. Quality, feel, cost, and performance are important measurements to keep in mind when choosing bed sheets that are right for you. Choosing a Quality Bed Sheet Bed sheets that have […]