History of the Murphy Wallbed

Use a Murphy Wallbed in any room
Today, the Murphy bed adds style and function to a space. However, disappearing beds have come a long way since they were created. Keep reading to learn the history of the Murphy wallbed and how it has evolved into one of your favorite pieces of furniture:

William L. Murphy
Like many hidden bed owners, William L. Murphy was a man without enough space to meet his entertaining needs. He knew he wanted to create a bed that could fold into the wall, and so, he started a long process of trial and error to make his vision a reality. In 1918, Murphy made a breakthrough with his folding bed experiments. Using the doorjamb of a closet, he made a special pivot that could raise and lower a bed to provide more space in a room.

Ups and Downs
Hidden beds were a huge success until World War II, when essential parts were rationed to help with the war effort. After the veterans started to return home, they moved into single-family homes and did not need space-saving items like a wallbed. While the economy was up, the need for Murphy beds was down.

In the 1970’s, the economy was not as impressive as it once was and homeowners had to downsize many aspects of their lives. The Murphy bed once again became a popular and functional piece of furniture that helped maximize space in smaller homes. Today, Murphy beds can be found in decorative colors with great accent pieces. A desk bed, for example, is an attractive piece of furniture that gives you the ability to use a room for more than one purpose.

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Features that make a murphy bed special

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