Wallbeds “n” More & IKEA Help People Downsize their Homes with Space Saving Furniture

If you’ve visited an IKEA lately, you’ll have noticed how efficiently their showrooms displays use space. For example, one display shows how 6 people could live in a 215 square foot of space! Small living spaces is nothing new in Europe and other countries, but downsizing is a relatively recent trend in America.

The recent economic downturn has encouraged Americans to start living more efficiently. A few years ago, we were buying bigger and bigger houses. Now, we’re downsizing our homes and using our living space more efficiently to save money.

Wallbeds “n” More, like IKEA, is interested in space-saving furniture. Our Murphy Wallbeds are comfortable beds at night and fold up out of the way during the day, allowing you more precious floor space. Furthermore, our beds are both stylish and sturdy. Our wallbeds are made to look like attractive cabinets and can be stained to match the decor of your home. We use only furniture-grade plywood (seven layers of solid wood laid in a cross-grain pattern) and our mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty.

AS IKEA says, “Smart storing can easily double space.”

Book an appointment with your local Wallbeds n More showroom to see how these space saving Murphy Beds can help you maximize your space!

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