Why Murphy Wallbeds Are Better Than Sofa Beds

I was traveling last week with some friends and this point was really brought home to us….

There were two beds in the hotel room, a king bed and a pullout couch. I was lucky in that I am tall and I have nice friends – they gave up the king bed to me and took the pullout queen for themselves…. It was a decision they immediately regretted! The bed was lumpy and flimsy, but worst of all were those metal bars!

The next night, we all shared the king.

A Murphy Wallbed is Better Than A Sofa Bed Because:

  • The mattress does not fold up. The wall bed mattress has funny lumps in it like you have with a sofa sleeper.
  • The mattress lies flat. The Murphy Wallbed mattress is securely attached in its bed frame while the pullout couch must have a metal frame to allow it to unfold. Those bars are uncomfortable!
  • It fits a standard innerspring mattress. A wall bed fits a full size real mattress; choose a top of the line mattress that fits in your wallbed and your guests will never want to leave. The sofa bed mattress must fold up so it is much more flimsy and it ends up becoming lumpy. Not a comfortable guest bed.
  • It takes up less space (only 20” from the wall). When folded away, our Murphy Wallbeds stand between 17-20” from the wall. This leaves you with the entire floor area of your room for day use. A sofa sleeper still takes up as a much room as a couch. It is as much of a failure at being a comfortable couch as it is as failure at being a comfortable bed.
  • It is easier and quicker to set up. You can fold away a fully made Murphy Wallbed so that when you need to use it, it is ready in less than 15 seconds. A sofa bed must be unfolded, couch cushions must be stored somewhere and the bed still needs to be made.
guest murphy wall bed better than sofa sleeper

This welcoming Murphy Wallbed is much more comfortable than any sofa bed.

Please remember my experience next time you are on vacation: if the room says two beds and one of them is a sofa bed, be prepared to get cozy in just the real bed. A word of warning: never flop down onto a sofa bed – the bars will bite.

For those of you who don’t want guests staying at your house…buy a sofa bed!

Have you had an experience like mine? What is the worst spare bed that you have ever stayed in?

If you need to rush out and buy a Murphy Wallbed to replace your sofa bed, please do so ASAP – your family and friends will thank you. Book an appointment at your nearest Wallbeds “n” More showroom and we will make your home guest friendly again.


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