Flexible Love Chair – a unique and earth friendly furniture space saver

I just found the most amazing space saving furniture, a chair that I just HAD to share it. Not only is it unique, practical and completely flexible, it is also completely earth friendly – made of 100% recycled paper and wood. It is the Flexible Love chair.

Space Saving Flexible Love Chair

Space Saving Flexible Love Chair

Words cannot quite describe it, though I shall try my best. I definitely recommend watching the video to fully understand the possibilities of the flexible, space-saving chair

This chair, called Flexible Love, is completely collapsible and starts out at the size of a medium sized cardboard box (about 9.5 inches wide). It can then be extended out up to 30 feet!

The chair itself weighs between 28.6 to 55lbs, but the larger one can hold up to 4,230lbs!

Space saving furniture - flexible love chairIn addition, this space saving chair is completely flexible and can be placed to suit any situation, the corner of the room, around other objects, or even as the center piece of a room where it can be displayed in a unique shape.

The Flexible Love chair is designed to take up as much or as little space as you need – pull it out to full length, or to just the right length to seat fewer people in a smaller area.

The chair comes in earth, white and virgin, with a variety of sizes and options.

The only downside is that this product us made from cardboard and will not suit the décor of many homes. However, it is the perfect sofa item for dorms and small apartments where space and cost are of the highest priority. And I believe that you can always paint it, in order to help it better suit your home.


This is definitely a chair worth checking, if only for the novelty of it. It is the perfect answer to those who are “short on space, long on friends, crazy about innovative design and dedicated to decorating your home with products that don’t harm the enviroment.” Sheffield School Interior Design

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  1. Larkin Cooper says:

    Where can you purchase one of theses chairs in the United States?

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